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uBuntu is a Consciousness and a Way of Being in the world.
In Africa, this Consciousness has been passed down from generations to generations, mostly in an oral fashion and as a way of living, to where we find ourselves today: at the threshold of the era of uBuntu;
an idea whose time has come.
 The uBuntu Civics Academy School is born at a time that is viewed by many as unprecedented in the history of humankind with the world going through major change caused by thousands of years of separation-thinking. Whilst this is happening, the age-old Oneness/Unity Consciousness that is marked by kinship, connection, community, symbiosis, reverence for Mother Nature and a return of the Feminine Energy is emerging right across the globe. 

This Consciousness is uniquely lived and expressed in Africa – the Cradle of Humankind, and has its roots in Ancient African Spirituality and uBuntu that has suffered great setback with the arrival of the colonizers and the missionaries who felt called to ‘civilize’ and evangelize her people - alienating them and robbing them (and the world for that matter) from this African Spirituality.

There is an ever-growing resounding call for the reclaiming of uBuntu, and we owe it to uBuntu and the whole world to heed to this call. This is the purpose of the uBuntu Civics Academy School. We are bringing this Ancient Gift of Oneness to the world and spreading the seeds of the Truth of Who We Really are through our School. We are growing a new generation of uBuntu Keepers! 
uBuntu – uMuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu.
A person - as part of the Greater Kosmos, 
is a person through other persons.
I Am because We Are.

Enroll for the course on the Basics of uBuntu and join the growing global uBuntu Keepers Community.
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School Principal

“I regard it as my responsibility and a privilege to be passing on the dream of the Great Mother.  It is the African Dream and humanity’s dream…. and we all need to know our common dream right?   

uBuntu. I am because we are.

~ Anna-Mari Pieterse