Collaboration and Support

uBuntu changes one’s approach to working together and supporting one another; to collaboration. It is a paradigm shift from collaboration as an afterthought, to appreciating collaboration as the very means to achieving success that would serve The Greater Good that flows from the belief in a universal bond that connects all humanity and life as a whole. 
Humanity's Team - an international spiritual movement whose purpose is to communicate and demonstrate the timeless truth that We Are All One, with the Divine and all life and caring for each other was part of the birth of the uBuntu Civics Academy  and continues to provide the global stage on which we are able to share uBuntu with the world.
Whilst it is very important for Into Africa Safari to offer excellent travel service and tours that are well organised and affordable, they have a real passion for the unique Spirit of uBuntu that Africa has become so well known for, and for making sure that both local and foreign travelers get to experience and appreciate uBuntu for all that it is.