'Spaza’ means ‘hidden’ in Zulu.  Selling everyday small household items and services, Spaza shops grew as a result of restrictions that were placed on black people running businesses during the apartheid era in South Africa.  During this time many of these shops were established alongside or within people’s homes, in order to elude the authorities. 

 From being ‘hidden’, trading illegally and being restricted in a number of ways, these shops have since become legalized and have gradually evolved into entrepreneurial projects which include other locations and as well as many other products and services. They have become a very special inseparable and colorful part of South African life.  With increasing recognition for their critical role in the overall growth of the country, many larger companies are moving to empower township and rural traders and Spaza shops. 

Being conveniently situated on commuting routes and close to shoppers’ homes, Spaza shops are ideally positioned for small top-up occasions and provide vital goods and services to informal settlement residents whilst stimulating economic growth within the community through the circulation of goods and money. 
 Welcome to our uBuntu 'Spaza shop.'

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