uBuntu Keepers Certification Program by Anna-Mari Pieterse

uBuntu Keepers Certification Program

The Time for uBuntu is Now.  Ke Nako!

Our world is truly beautiful, but also in great trouble. 
Although much has been attempted and achieved to bring about reconciliation and unity, and to inculcate a sense of nation-building and social cohesion among the diverse and fragmented communities of South Africa since the advent of democracy in 1994, we sadly continue to be confronted with serious issues of racism; poverty; inequality; femicide; homophobia and xenophobia; violence and killings; greed, fraud and corruption; intolerance, and many other challenges.
Overwhelmed in the face of all that needs to be done we feel we need a miracle. 
There is a resounding Call for uBuntu in Society and the World!

The wisdom of the ages and science tells us that our solution does exist.  We have seen this solution emerging and growing spontaneously under the radar over the past number of years.  Rather than another ideology, this movement is humanity’s immune response to resist and heal the political disease, economic infection, ecological corruption and existential meaninglessness.  It is the manifestation of the inner evolutionary drive of human beings and Life to reach their Highest Potential.

This Potential… the Seed of Greatness and of becoming is known as uBuntu in Africa.  It is the Essence of Being that Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaks about. It is Africa’s most precious Spiritual Heritage and greatest gift of Oneness to the world that has been passed down from generations to generations mostly in an oral fashion and a way of living to where we find ourselves today:   
At the threshold of uBuntu - an idea whose time has come. 

ENROLL and learn about this Ancient Wisdom of Africa
This initiative is a response to the resounding call for uBuntu that is out there in society and the environment, and it supports the growth of Unity Consciousness that is emerging in the world.
                                                                                   WHAT IF?
What if all the people of our country and indeed the whole world knew who they were through uBuntu and adopted uBuntu as a way of life?
When everyone dared to say: “uBuntu. uMuntu ngumuntu ngabantu - I Am because We Are,"  what kind of people would we be and what kind of a world would we create?
”//hapo ge//hapo tama/ haohasib dis tamas ka I bo”: A dream is not a dream until it is a dream of the community.
~ Khoisan proverb. 

uBuntu is the ‘Original Vision’ of peaceful and prosperous coexistence of the people of the beautiful Continent of Africa. 

With Knowledge Comes the Responsibility of Sharing It.

Being proud of our precious African Spiritual Heritage and having accepted the Torch of uBuntu from our Ancestors we see it as our responsibility to bring uBuntu to the hearts and the minds of as many people as possible.

With this, we are passing on the SEEDS of uBuntu to YOU, and we invite you to help us grow the new generation of uBuntu Keepers.

ENROLL and help spread the SEEDS of uBuntu

What is an uBuntu Keeper?

uBuntu is a Consciousness and a Way of Being. 
It is about being human in all of its diversity, and in the basic as well as the greatest and deepest sense. 

As humans, we are all beautiful and special and we all have the potential for growth and development. We are all equally deserving of dignity and respect.
We are all carriers of the seed of Oneness and of Greatness. 

This means that we are all Keepers of uBuntu... 

"I am a leader by default, only because nature does not allow a vacuum.” 
~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 

As a holder of the Basic uBuntu Keepers Certificate however, you have confirmed your heart for uBuntu and your desire to let it grow within yourself and the world; 
-  to be the person with uBuntu that Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaks about.   

You accept and carry the Torch of uBuntu. 

ENROLL to accept and carry the torch of uBuntu


The uBuntu Keepers initiative is for South African individuals and groups who are proud of our Ancient African Spiritual Heritage - of uBuntu.  Who want to learn more about it, to own it and to share it. It is for those who want to carry the torch of uBuntu and who want to become part of the growing uBuntu Keepers Community.

The initiative is also for the growing global Unity Conscious community who would like to know what Oneness... the interrelated, interconnected and interdependent nature of life, and being human means from the African uBuntu perspective; how it works, how it is found in South African society and how they may help grow, nurture and share uBuntu.    Your participation means a lot for the much needed reclaiming and the living of uBuntu and for the cultivation of an uBuntu Conscious society!

uBuntu provides essential foundational insight into who we are as human beings… it is at play in all spheres of life such as business and economics, education, governance and leadership, justice, nature and the environment, relations, spirituality, science, etc. This is a great basic certification program therefore for groups involved in these areas and who deal with questions around gender, peace, social cohesion, our common and national identity, family and social welfare, parenting, human and social development, restitution, discrimination, etc. 

The initiative provides wonderful insight into the beautiful Spirit, Soul, Essence and culture of coexistence and caring and sharing of our land and her people for visitors who come to South Africa. 

The initiative is for all of those who realise the great need and urgency for uBuntu and the gift of uBuntu in society and the world today.


There may never have been a greater need for uBuntu than now. It IS what we have been looking for so that we may know Who We Really Are, how we may reach our higher potentials and what the answers to our common challenges may be. With the core reason for our challenges being our broken connections that stem from our separation thinking, this initiative that submits uBuntu as the pathway to the healing of our broken connections is of vital importance.  
There is a great need in society for soft skills education.  Participating in this initiative and becoming an uBuntu Keeper help us to determine and engage with our values and principles and mold our aspirations which is always crucial.  
uBuntu together with the indigenous knowledge and the African Spirituality that it originates from has suffered gross rejection and neglect through colonialism and apartheid.  This initiative provides a valuable opening to the Spirit of Africa, African worldview, symbols and culture.  This basic program also encourages us to find, grow and instill our own uBuntu and to apply it to our own life. 
With knowledge comes the responsibility of sharing it.  Participation in this program helps spread the seeds of uBuntu; of our unity in our diversity, our humanness and our potential for greatness.  Together, we are bringing uBuntu to the hearts and minds of as many people In South Africa and the world as possible.

During his opening speech of parliament in 1999, the late Nelson Mandela made an urgent call for the Reconstruction and Development Plan of the Soul (RDP of the Soul) – a dream that has still not been achieved.   This initiative is an attempt to realise this dream. 
This initiative plays a role in the shaping of our personal, collective, and national identities and the achievement of Social Cohesion.  It fosters the spirit of uBuntu and strengthens the common bond that we share.  I Am because We Are.
With uBuntu as a Vision, this initiative is part of the re-imagining, co-creation and nurturing of the South Africa and the world of our dreams.  In this regard, members of society grow in their ability to be socially engaged, participating, inspiring and responsible citizens. We get to learn to be of service to our fellow human beings.

This initiative plays a role in the reclaiming and the living of uBuntu and the cultivation of an uBuntu Conscious Society.  It builds our capacity to respond and helps us to think about possibilities and solutions.  

How to become an uBuntu Keeper

1. Watch the eight SEEDS of uBuntu Lectures:
    Call for uBuntu
    Origins, Meanings and Definitions of uBuntu
    Universal Laws of uBuntu
    Values and Principles
    Formal Presence of uBuntu in South African Society
    Cultural Expression of uBuntu
    Growing, Nurturing and Sharing uBuntu

    (The lectures are only an hour in length in total. There are no time-restrictions  for completion.)

Go to the FINAL REQUIREMENTS section of this program where you will find the Final Requirements Instruction document as well as your Assignment document. 
Please complete the Assignment form and send it to amarip@ubuntucivicsacademy.com for verification that you have watched the eight lectures, for your assignment to me marked and for your personalised certificate to be issued.  


* In South Africa the program could also include a morning workshop for groups. Please send your request for a quotation to amarip@ubuntucivicsacademy

ENROLL to become part of the growing global uBuntu Keepers Community


What's in it for you?

Inner growth and enrichment.   
  • This basic yet generous course on uBuntu - which according to our knowledge is the first and only of its kind, will certainly enrich your life. Whilst you will recognise some of the aspects of uBuntu in your own culture, you will find great value in learning about what it means to be human and about our Oneness with the Greater Kosmos from this wonderful Ancient African perspective.

  • The course is deeply touching and will inspire you to grow in your Consciousness and to become the person that is respected for his/her excellence… a person with uBuntu.

  • This course will give you a deeper understanding of the Spirit of Africa and appreciation for South African culture.  It will help you to recognise uBuntu in yourself, your fellow human beings and life as a whole.  

You become a champion for uBuntu. 
  • There is a great need for the reclaiming of uBuntu and for the SEEDS of uBuntu to be sown into the world.  When you do this Basic Certification program you become a champion for uBuntu.  You help in the reclaiming of uBuntu that has suffered great setback and in the cultivation of an uBuntu Conscious Society.

  • Applicants who have qualified receive their downloadable personalised uBuntu Keepers Certificate and uBuntu Keepers Badge. They also get to join the uBuntu Keepers FB Group where uBuntu Keepers from all over the world can connect, communicate and share.  

  • Qualified uBuntu Keepers become part of the growing global uBuntu Keepers Community.  They share the knowledge of uBuntu with others and invite them to participate in the initiative. 

Some comments on the lectures

Luis Jacobson – Colombia.
Sawubona! I am thrilled about the amount of content in this course, as well as so called soft skills and human aspects of our lives.   I am enjoying this trip knowing that I will have to re visit my favorite African landscapes.  It is too rich to just listen to it once only!

Ellen Davis. US
Thank you so much for this very precious and beautifully expressed gift of uBuntu wisdom. It is a reflection of my own deepest heart. Inspired by knowing this breathes consciously in you and so many eternally, and energized by the collective prayer and shared knowledge of the truth of our oneness, I hear the wisdom anew and take it to heart all the deeper with revitalized prayer to live it all the fuller. To living love and being uBuntu.

Laura Madeleine Maria Roberts. UK
After being in a space of deep quiet and contemplation, the word uBuntu is stirring my Soul. The world and our future generations have never been in greater need of uBuntu.  I am soaking up every piece of information! The presentation would be incredible as part of a new Golden Curriculum.

Jo-Ellen Shannon. US
I love this spirituality; it has touched my heart deeply since I first heard it some years ago. I am eager to engage this learning experience and know it will bless me as I continue my journey. I would like to see this offered in schools all over the world. It will enhance our ability to TRULY know that we are all here to love...to walk each other home!!!

Derrick Thomas. US
I am an African man born in America and have long searched for my true identity - one that leads to the expression of my true inner self. Thank you for leading me to the door.

Klaske.  Netherlands
Thank you so much for this enriching programme! Having worked  in the Ivory Coast and Niger for Mother & Childcare when I was young it brought back to me precious memories now at age 74!

Michelle Thall. PhD. US 
... the spiritual dimension of wellness has been integral to my own wellness journey.  And when I learned of uBuntu it struck me that I must include these teachings within the framework of my business model. 


“The powerfully transformational work being done by the uBuntu Keepers and other initiatives by this team are too important to ignore. I truly believe that we must all be shouting about it and giving it all the support it deserves. This is ALL our responsibility: to grow future generations of humans that truly SEE each other as simply this, connected humans walking together in order to go furthest towards achieving our shared dreams. We are better together, and the uBuntu Keepers work shares practical ways to help us be more humane. I am happy to be part of this team of humans helping rehumanize themselves and our fellow humans.” 
Dr Dumisani Magadlela. uBuntu Keepers Patron, Executive Coach, Coach Trainer, Leadership Facilitator and Organisational Dev. Strategist.
"What a wonderful work you have produced. This initiative is out of this world. Thank you so much. You have my endorsement unconditionally." 
Dr Mfuniselwa John Bhengu. Author, self-publisher and managing director of Phindela Publishing and Editor-in-Chief of INQABA Journal, and an independent Researcher on African Philosophy, Afrikology and Egyptology.
I am grateful for  having been able to participate in and learn from uBuntu Keepers Program. I have the greatest respect and admiration for what this programme is trying to achieve. uBuntu or African humanism articulates the Sacred Oneness of all life on this planet. Not only are we only human beings through loving and respectful relationships with other beings and our planet, but uBuntu shows us how to achieve a loving and compassionate heart, which is the first step towards self-mastery. Self-mastery is the beginning of respect for others and of sustainable planetary management... It has been said that Africa will be the pupil of the eye of humanity… May uBuntu values show us the way…"
Marthe Muller. uBuntu Keepers Ambassador and COO - South African Women in Dialogue.
In my support of this very important uBuntu Keepers program I want to invite the people of the world to see life and who we are through the eyes of uBuntu… to go for uBuntu that is a light to the world! uBuntu is a world view that embraces cardinal human values like humanity, caring, sharing, respect, compassion and a happy life. Africa is dancing! The basic departure point of uBuntu - uMuntu ngumuntu ngabantu, is that we are human beings through other human beings. uBuntu is of utmost importance for the world to overcome the many challenges that we are facing. It reminds us of the inextricable bond that exists between us as human beings and Mother Nature. When you become an uBuntu Keeper, you help sow the seeds of uBuntu and to carry its torch. Please join us!” 
Dr Johann Broodryk. uBuntu Author and Philosophical Councillor.
"The uBuntu Keepers initiative has played a major role in our making, doing, becoming and sharing this message of hope and healing for humanity and our earth. We are here to shine our light, thus giving encouragement to others to shine theirs. We are uBuntu Keepers Ambassadors and endorse this initiative to plant the seeds of uBuntu." 
Leah and Cameron Kirrane. uBuntu Keepers Ambassadors. Founders of the Omni Foundation.
"I fully support this basic uBuntu Certification Program of the uBuntu Civics Academy that pays respect to our First People - the Khoi-San, as part of their mission to cultivate an uBuntu Conscious Society. The ancient values of the Khoi-San are: close family ties, respect, self-respect, discipline, self-discipline, readiness to help, good manners, honesty, obedience, working hard, compassion, truthfulness, integrity and a love for nature. All these are built on the vital principle: neighborly love."
Dr Willa Boezak. Khoi-San descendant, expert and author.
"If the Church had any role to play today, it would be to take the Christians back to the Fruit of the Spirit (The uBuntu Way) as they came to find it.  For this reason, I support and endorse the uBuntu Keepers initiative so that together we may enable the reclaiming and the living of uBuntu and cultivate an uBuntu Conscious society."
(Late) Dr Chris Wehrmann. Professional Councillor and Therapist.
"uBuntu is much more than a feel-good statement.  uBuntu has incredible depth… complexity.   And this is what this next generation of uBuntu leaders and the uBuntu Civics Academy are doing:  They are educating  people on the importance and the depth of uBuntu that is not just a simple term for the refrigerator. With this I want to invite you to become involved with the uBuntu Keepers initiative and to take the effort to really delve deeply into uBuntu and to help make it alive!"  
Steve Farrell. Worldwide Executive, Humanity's Team.