About the uBuntu Keepers Initiative

We are more than what we have become.     
As human beings we are all Keepers of uBuntu.  Together with Nature and the Environment and the Greater Kosmos, we are all evolving... all in the process of becoming our higher potentials.

For uBuntu to develop and grow however requires that we have a deeper understanding our uBuntu and it requires personal development and growth.  We need to develop more and more people that as Archbishop Desmond Tutu says, are recognised for their uBuntu.   We want to increase the number of people who have a heart for uBuntu and the desire to let is grow within themselves and the world…. People who accept and carry the Torch of uBuntu…. who are the sowers of the SEEDS of uBuntu.

Over recent years we have seen an increase in Unity Consciousness in the world... flowing primarily through the indigenous culture and environmental-, human rights-, democracy- and social justice movements that are marked by kinship, community, symbiosis and respect for Mother Nature and that get their direction from the underlying inextricable inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependent Nature of Life.  With this we have seen more and more people from all over the world wanting to learn more about uBuntu! 

Many refer to this development as the Sacred Feminine rising… as the coming world, with the internet and technology providing the most incredible opportunities to grow and nurture this movement.

Please scroll down to meet our Patron and Ambassadors and to learn about the symbol/emblem for the initiative. 

Thank you for joining us!
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 Dr Dumisani Magadlela. Executive Coach, Coach Trainer, Leadership Facilitator and Organisational Development Strategist. 


The Symbol of the Dung Beetle

When we trace uBuntu to its ancient Ethiopian origins we find many symbols that people used as representation for certain aspects or energies of life. One of these that had a great influence on this civilization for thousands of years was the Dung Beetle (Scarab/Kheper) that was the perfect representation for the process of becoming, transformation and emergence. 

Kheper or khepera is also the Egyptian verb meaning: to come into being, to change, to develop, to occur, to bring about, to create, etc. It represents self-generation and self-renewal. Khepera stands for metamorphosis. 

Because the beetle is able to detect its path through the light of the sun – even during night as it is reflected by the moon, it is also a symbol for the Sun or the Light. Early Egyptians also associated the Kheper with the germs of life that are seen to be responsible for the breakdown and recycling of waste in the environment. As such the dung beetle represents the continuous cycle of life and death and the underlying balance in the universe. 

We are Growing a New Generation of uBuntu Keepers.

YOU are the SEED. Please join us